Resolutions, Part 1

Here we go, a list of 42 new year’s resolutions, and an innovative way to keep from a complete self-sabotage; in other words, to avoid the epic Resolution FAIL of 2011. (Kept only eight of 42 resolutions). If it’s a repeat from ’11, I’ll note it in parentheses.

The key for 2012: Options. You’ll see what I mean.

#1. Limit my daily intake of Diet Coke to 32 ounces. With an option for 32 additional ounces. (See what I mean?)

#2. Catch a fish in Hinkson Creek. (15)

#3. Draft a 30,000 word non-fiction work. Maybe start that memoir?

#4. Play in the rain. Option: monthly, if possible.

#5. Draft a script and lyrics for eight songs for “The Tribune: The Musical.” (7)

#6. Lose 15 percent of my body weight. No questions, please. I’ll let you know when I’m there.

#7. Learn tablature guitar method.

#8. Make an origami mobile for Kianna.

#9. Sing Kianna to sleep and read her the book “Grandpas Are for Finding Worms.” With an option for multiple opportunities.

#10. Add four new foods to my diet.  (18, modified). “New” will become official when consumption occurs a  minimum of twice a month. Suggestions? (Anything green and/or leafy will probably be new).

#11. Blog everyday. That means WordPress (this one) or my Tribune blogs, “North County News” and “Charting Health.” (This announcement just made Tribune web editor Ginger “little g” Stringer all tingly).

#12. Catch a fish at Eagle Bluffs. (16).

#13. Kiss Kelly every day. (22) With options for … more kissing, of course.

#14. Find David Riddle, my high school English teacher. (29)

#15. Revisit and photograph all my old Wiffle ball fields in Belle, Mo.

#16. Ride my bike 10 miles per week. With an option for unlimited mileage.

#17. Write six short stories of 1,500 to 3,000 words. I’ll keep you posted.

#18. Learn to fly fish.

#19. Multi-layered resolution: finish novels “Chasing The Devil” and “Gone,” and begin prequel “Dixieland” during National Novel Writing Month in November. It’s a trilogy, so it’s one project, really. Option: Just. Do. It.

#20. Sleep in my hammock. Option: Multiple opportunities.

#21. Limit my Fantasy Baseball draft participation to 20 teams. With an option for 10 more.

#22. Cuddle a baby sloth.

To be continued …

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