Ouch (from biting my tongue)

(My apologies. This was set to publish at 7 a.m. today, but I’d saved it as a draft. Apparently that matters. This actually occurred Friday).

Something you don’t hear every day …

Overhead in the baking/spice aisle at HyVee on Grindstone: “I was just thinking. I lost the juicer in the divorce.”

My mouth immediately shifted into high gear and I nearly wrenched my back holding the words in. New Year’s Resolution #23, “Think. Filter. Speak,” was mightily tested. I sooooo wanted to turn to her and say, “What? You couldn’t just split the juicer in half?” She was a young woman — looked far to young to have been married very long at all.

I held my tongue. Still … Don’t you think that would have been clever?

Some years back I was substitute teaching in the Jefferson City School District and one day my charges were first graders. A poster on the wall read, “Before I speak, ask: Is it true? Is it nice? Is it necessary?”

I hate that poster. As a journalist, I’m basically concerned with the “true” part. “Necessary” also gets consideration. I don’t have much control over the “nice.” To quote a rather new but very tired and worn cliche’, “it is what it is” when it comes to news, conflict and debate that occurs in the public domain.

(By the way, Resolution #24 is “Avoid cliches, but continue to think outside the box.”)

More resolutions to come.

Right now I need ice for my tongue.


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