The truth is out there

“Bigfoot with a capital B”

A couple of hours ago I checked our DVR listing of recorded programs to make sure Kelly hadn’t missed “Teen Mom 2” in lieu of watching our favorite show, “Parenthood.” I was hoping Kelly noticed my DVR’ing prowess. Instead, she wondered why I have such an affinity for anything to do with Bigfoot (I spelled it with a capital “B” because the rest of us know it’s real), 56 episodes of “The Twilight Zone,” “Mysteries of the Past,” anything to do with the 2012 apocalypse (again: real), or “Ancient Aliens.”

Kelly wondered where I got  such twisted interests.

Let’s consult “Jodie’s journal,” Jan. 9, 1976. (That was a mere 36 years ago yesterday).

Therein I wrote under a “Movies” headline: “Watched UFO: Target Earth.” On the opposite page I listed the current book that I was reading: “Robots and Electronic Brains” and “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.”

What I wonder is: how did I end up becoming a journalist?

One year ago yesterday …

The streets were frozen and Columbia, MO was halfway through a month that would record 15 inches of snow, a total that surpassed by one blizzard on Feb. 1.

Today I tweeted that mid-Missouri in mid-January in mid-afternoon beckoned a group of guys to play basketball at Douglass Park.

My byline in today’s Tribune, from a rather rancorous board of aldermen meeting last night in Hallsville.

And yesterday’s magnificent front page photo by Tribune photog friend Matt Cavanaugh. Simply amazing.

One moment in life captured: the free eagle, Ruth Payton’s regal red dress, and those kids’ faces. Look at those faces!


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