Teacher’s pet?

Natasha, our 24-year-old, music-teaching daughter, called today to tell me one of those “awww” stories that seem to follow her around. She was teaching a song to her youngest kids, but an almost-5-year-old boy was struggling to pay attention and to follow directions.

So Natasha made the little lad come sit next to her while she continued to teach. The little guy broke into sobs. Natasha stopped to ask him what was wrong.

“Miss Jackson, I just want to dance with you,” was his reply.

So they danced.

That story took me back to my first grade classroom. My mom tells me that after my first day of first grade, I told her that my teacher, Mrs. Blakemore, liked me best.


Well, she moved my desk right next to hers.

I don’t remember the specifics, but I’m fairly sure it didn’t involve the desire to dance. In fact, you don’t want to see me dance.


“Kianna Countdown: 37 days”

Kianna, I tried watching some NBA basketball tonight after Mrs. Grandpa fell asleep on the couch. She’s whipped; Friday evening couldn’t come quickly enough for her. You should have seen her yesterday, though, describing the joyful reaction of two young Congolese girls who had never seen snow. No matter how exhausting her social work practicum has been, those golden moments are priceless — sort of like your Aunt Tasha’s “awww” teaching experiences.

My golden moment today was at Dunn Bros. Coffee when I discovered there was only one blueberry streusel muffin left. Yummy.

I was talking about basketball, right?

I don’t know who your sports heroes will be. I took your mom to a Chicago Bulls game for her 13th birthday in 1996. We sat like 500 feet from the court at the United Center and the Bulls beat the Washington Bullets. (That team went all politically correct after that year and changed its name to “Wizards.”) The Bulls had Michael Jordan, the greatest athlete ever, in my opinion. The M.J.-led Bulls won their sixth championship that season and Jordan retired. He made a come-back, sort of, but didn’t play for the Bulls again.

Anyway, the Heat has this player, LeBron James, and some other superstars. King James is a great player, but his teams won’t win six titles. That’s my prediction.

Maybe you’ll play basketball? Here’s my advice: learn exceptional dribbling and ball-handling skills and learn to love to play defense. Do those two things better than anyone and that will make you a great offensive player.

I’m a good dribbler, but I’ll leave the defense coaching to your mom and dad. Your mom, Kishia, once broke a bigger girl’s jaw during 3-on-3 street ball.

Be careful and watch her elbows.

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