Read and follow label directions carefully

Countdown to Kianna: 26, 25, 24 …

Kelly and I have 24 days to get T-shirts that say “Grammy” and “Grandpa.” (I still think that her shirt should have “Mrs. Grandpa” in parentheses under “Grammy.”)

Grandpa’s message to Kianna, #13 …

Some people say the number 13 is unlucky. Grandpa doesn’t give a lot of credibility to that, although today has been sort of unlucky. Grandpa is kind of sick because he started a new medication this morning and took too much of it — and took another medication that maybe shouldn’t have been combined with the first one.

Your Grandpa has an arthritic hip.

Grandpa writes a lot of articles about health literacy and how it’s important for people to become more involved in their own health care and to understand medical instructions, such as how to take medication.

Today Grandpa didn’t practice what he preaches.

That sort of approach has never produced good results.

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