Valentine warm-up: ‘Sweet Secrets’

Journal note: With Valentine’s Day one week from today, Journal follower Monica Kuster shares her award-winning entry in a lyric-writing contest. Once I’ve resolved the technical bugs, I’ll attach the mp3 recording.

“Sweet Secrets”

As I thank God every single day

For the look upon my face

I’m thankfully thinking about


My Miracle – My Sweet Secret


When I need some help to get thru the day

Just to get through a tough time

I’m always thinking about


My Life’s Love – My Sweet Secret


When I find myself smiling

Feeling good from head to toe

It’s because of my thoughts about


My Soul Mate – My Sweet Secret


As I look on to our future

Of our lives so close together

I’m thinking of Forever with


My Love – My Sweet Secret

Monica E. Kuster

About “Sweet Secret”

I’m the secretary for the Boone County Commission and I’ve been living in Columbia since 1982. I was born in St. Louis on St. Patrick’s Day, so when something positive happens, I just know it’s the luck of the Irish!

I am lucky enough to have an amazing and devoted husband, two beautiful and talented children, and two of the smartest Border Collie dogs I have ever come across.

“Sweet Secrets” is just one of hundreds – thousands? – of poems I’ve written since a very young age. It’s a talent I thank God for every night. But “Sweet Secrets” is going places I’d only imagined. The poem won a monthly lyric-writing contest for a music/song production company, Nashville Song Service, which produced a demo for me at no cost. The Tennessee company put my words to music – complete with vocals – and is now shopping “Sweet Secrets” on “music row,” looking for a buyer or just the right performer.

I haven’t hit anything big yet, but we all know it only takes one time ‑ and one good streak of luck to find your pot o’ gold!



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2 responses to “Valentine warm-up: ‘Sweet Secrets’

  1. Kishia

    That would make a beautiful song. Good luck finding your pot o’ gold!

  2. Monica E. Kuster

    Kishia, thank you so much…. sounds to me as if your pot o’ gold is on her way very very soon!!!!

    Monica ~

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