The Write Life: Nuggets for your noggin

What a great week to follow writers and bloggers who had time to talk about their work.

Romance author Joan Swan provided what I consider the post of the week at Mystery Writing is Murder. Joan offered an incredible exercise in humanizing the antagonist with “Villains.”

“Villains are people too,” she begins. There’s some meaty stuff here.

She reminds us that our villain was an innocent child once. “What changed? Why did it change?” And how did our villain react to that change?

What’s human about your villain – something readers can relate to?

– My memoir-in-progress that appears here every Friday and Monday is an adventure in non-fiction. Over at I found challenging advice on the process of writing a true story, namely “divide action into its various stages and arrange them in logical sequence.” The trouble is, I like to jump around, from scene to scene, and not necessarily in chronological order.

But “logical” isn’t the same as “chronological,” right?

Some other jumping in points:

“Why you need to be writing empty-headed dribble” at The Write Practice.

– British author/editor/ghostwriter Roz Morris (Nail Your Novel) makes the case that without drama readers won’t likely care much about our work. Getting someone to read our stuff is one thing; making them care is the real challenge.

Two blogs/sites to follow:

– Tribune photographer/web guy Matt Cavanah has a slick website that shows off his eye-popping work. Matt’s a great guy. Just laughed yesterday when I misspelled his last name “Cavanaugh.”


Yep, he said, pointing out that we’ve worked together only one year and 10 months, so how could I have caught on so quickly?

– I also recommend both the website and Twitter feed (@Writers4Christ) for Writers4Christ.

Now, go write something that YOU care about. It’s probably best to first convince yourself.

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  1. Thanks very much for mentioning my post here, Jackson – here’s to making unforgettable stories. Roz

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