A new game: ‘Hillbilly Neighbors’

“A new game” originally appeared March 2 at Riding in Cars with Goats and Other Stories


My mom emailed to tell me about a new board game she and a friend are going to make. They are calling it “Hillbilly Neighbors,” and they need some help with it.

Here are the rules, according to my mom:

“You draw your ‘neighbors.’ Then spin to travel around the board. You draw cards on certain spaces. Good cards include ‘Neighbor’s pit bull run over by UPS man,’ ‘Teenage daughter infertile,’ and ‘Wife runs off with carnival man.’

“Bad cards include ‘Neighbor gets new house, old house crushes your septic lines as it is pulled away,’ ‘Neighbor remodels chicken house and moves in tenants,’ and ‘Neighbor reunites with wife, carnie truck parked in driveway.’

“Inconclusive cards include ‘Meth lab blows up neighbors’ house’ and ‘Tornado.’”

Jackson’s Journal suggested these additions:

Bad card: Your dog drags neighbor’s poached deer carcass onto your front porch.

Good card: Ruts in your yard from neighbor son’s pickup divert rainwater away from your yard onto neighbor’s property.

Caroline would love to hear your suggestions. Shout ‘em out! (Or just make a comment).


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