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Now to hurry up and wait

The most distressing news the Jacksons got in 2012 was back in August when the seller backed out of an agreement — unsigned — that would have made us homeowners within two weeks. We were devastated. We were certain it the house we were supposed to buy.

Just days after that deal fell through, it became apparent that the house in question had serious structural problems. Due mostly to the summer drought and the shrinking and compression of the clay-type soil in our area, both the slab and the foundation of the house were cracked, leading to cracked floor tiles, a bulge under the carpet in the hall, separation of drywall from the frame and fractures above every door and on the ceiling. The front door barely closes and a 1-inch gap above the door lets an ample supply of outside air in despite my best efforts to seal the gap. I’m guessing it won’t be long before we’ll be able to see through at least one wall into the garage.

It’s going to take thousands of dollars to fix what ails the house, and that’s on top of the thousands that will be needed to replace the 30-year-old furnace, central air unit and hot water heater. One inspector also suspects that a sewer line is cracked and/or leaking under the house — under the foundation. My report of perpetually slow drains on the west side of the house is more evidence of that suspicion, he said.


In hindsight — what could have been astronomically expensive hindsight — if the seller hadn’t withdrawn the unwritten concessions and terms, we’d own that house and a bevy of seen and unseen and known and unknown structural flaws.

Today we signed a contract to buy a house on the northwest side of Columbia. We’ll know in a couple of days whether the terms we offered were acceptable. The final purchase is contingent, of course, on structural, mechanical, electrical and termite inspections. For now, it’s hurry up and wait for the deal to be done. Meanwhile, we’re packing.

Funny how life’s circumstances twist and turn, huh? What you think you really, really want sometimes slips out of reach — and cracks in half.


Let me hear your stories of near-misses with potentially devastating, expensive mistakes.


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NaNoWriMo Day 3: “Dixieland” at 10,048 words

I posted this Saturday (Day 3) on the Columbia NaNoWriMo forum, and also on a new Facebook group for WriMos. (All this lingo is too cool not to use repeatedly, to the point of annoying even myself.) Someone commented that she has such trouble getting started and forging ahead because of the voice that tells her, “This is no good. You’re an awful writer.” Here was my response.

 I feel qualified to give advice for getting started; what I need is advice on finishing. By the way, I had a super productive, 5,000-word Saturday, and “Dixieland” topped 10,000 words just after midnight.

Duct tape.

Put it in your non-dominant hand and place it behind your back. Then, casually walk up to your inner editor, shake hands (with your dominant hand), then at the moment of release, when inner editor thinks he’s/she’s about to go his/her way, you simultaneously take a step to one side as you grasp and pull the hand you were shaking. This will make inner editor lose his/her balance, and now the duct tape hand has reached around (oh, and you already had a couple inches of tape sticking out) and, voila!, you bind and gag inner editor.

You’re supposed to do that at 11:55 p.m. on Oct. 31, but it’s appropriate (and never too late) to bind-and-gag inner editor at any point during NaNoWriMo.

Now … WRITE. It’s your story, your plot, your characters. Your rules. Your rules.

Inner editor will be helpful after Dec. 1. Prior to that, inner editor’s only task is to prevent you from writing anything.

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