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The best day in a long time

It’s not that days past were necessarily catastrophic or uneventful, but Monday was simply a good day. A banner day.

  • My 49th birthday, yet I didn’t feel like a grizzled veteran. My co-workers even took it easy on me.
  • Kelly spent most of the previous four days studying for her LMSW (licensed master of social work) licensure exam, which she took Monday morning. In a rare example of my bride reaching for the required score rather than the best score, she announced late Sunday, “I can miss 40 questions and still pass.” I teased her about setting the bar low. But she passed the test Monday and will soon receive her license to do what she’s done with me for 30 years: therapy.
  • It was a productive day at work, notwithstanding being stonewalled by communications directors for the governor’s office and the Department of Natural Resources. With apologies to my friends and readers in the Southern Boone School District, I rejoiced to discover that Monday night’s school board meeting was rescheduled for next Monday night. That schedule change allowed for more time to enjoy my birthday supper with my very relieved wife. She was positively giddy from passing that test. I am proud of her beyond comprehension.
  • A few weeks ago we agreed to be godparents to four great siblings, ages 8 to 12. Desiree, 12, Dasia, 11, Bryant 9, Bryson 8. We’ve been wondering about the details of our roles as godparents. Monday night we were asked by their mom, Rochelle, to drop by to break the news that their pet guinea pig had died. I do have abundant experience in that, so I broke the news as I held the lifeless little cavy. By doing so, I facilitated the breaking of four beautiful little hearts. It looks like we’ll be hosting a guinea pig funeral and burial in the next day or two. On the drive home with the guinea pig and its cage that the kids — for now — couldn’t bear to see, Kelly knew just what to say: “I guess we know now what godparents do.”
  • But it was one of the best days in a long time. The soul-deep tears and sadness from our little friends didn’t ruin the day. Hardly. Sharing that deep loss and letting our godkids react as heartbroken youngsters would react answered a need of my heart and gave me a sense of peace that an ungrizzled veteran would not have found.

Finally, thanks for all the birthday well-wishes.

Tomorrow look for the long-awaited tribute to Granny Nola from our youngest, Natasha, who taught me the importance of letting youngsters grieve the loss of their guinea pigs.

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Grandpa, uncle, godfather: the best titles

When you’re around good kids for any length of time, you learn to appreciate their parents.

We retired to slumber Sunday night with a different kind of tired. Friday night we had our four godchildren for a sleep-over: siblings Desiree, Dasia, Bryant and Bryson. I will provide photographic evidence of this relationship in the future. We only recently were asked to be godparents. With these siblings, their mom, Rochelle, has already done the work of teaching values, manners and personal responsibility.

Kelly and I are simply following that path to reinforce Rochelle’s work. The godparent role is typically associated with Catholicism, so I’m doing some research to figure out what this means for Protestants. It’s basically the same thing, I believe: spiritual mentoring/education.

Any suggestions?

We went from godparenting to having Kelly’s 3-year-old nephew, Marik, on Saturday, overnight and until Sunday afternoon. Just a few days ago I made it clear that when granddaughter Kianna reaches the “why” stage, I will answer every single “why” with a clear, Kianna-level response.

I got that “why” vow put to the test with little Marik this weekend. I’m not good at short, concise answers — just ask Kelly, my co-workers  and anyone with whom I exchange email. But I’m better at that now than I was just 36 hours ago.

Finally, bringing Marik to Jefferson City to hand him off to his dad, en route from Jeff City to Byron in Osage County, our rendezvous site was the Brown Estate where little Kianna awoke from a good nap to find Grammy and Grandpa cooing and doting over her. Her parents, Kishia and Darnell, are making a difference in their daughter’s life. As a result, I have no doubt that Kianna will make a difference in the lives of countless people.

Princess Kianna will be six months old on Aug. 15, two days after this Grandpa’s 49th birthday.

I think a birthday picture will be in order.

This week …

  • Tuesday: Guest blog by youngest daughter, Natasha. She reminisces about her Granny Nola, who died in December. Have your tissues ready.
  • Wednesday: Getting back to the Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting theme, a memoir-in-progress of my life’s spiritual journey.
  • Friday: The 80’s. Not the temperature, but the decade. Another memoir-in-progress.
  • Saturday: The Write Life. (Writing advice, writing prompts, words from other writers, etc.)
  • This schedule basically resumes the thematic approach I took with The Journal back in the spring. I’m also genuinely interested and anxious to have guest contributors as often as possible. Practically any subject (we’re family-friendly, but also thought-provoking), preferably something from 200 to 600 words, and I’ll ask for a bio and mug shot.

Now … Reach out and blog.

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