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Sticky situations: The 7 deadly sins

The Journal thanks Amy Swiney for allowing a re-post of Tuesday’s entry in her blog, Ephemera Geek. We didn’t properly recognize Fat Tuesday or Wednesday’s first day of Lent, so we’ve “borrowed” this entry . Remember, the Journal looks for guest posts on Tuesday and Thursday. (That means YOU. You’re reading this? Yeah, YOU!)

Today is Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday, so what better day to talk about the Seven Deadly Sins? After all, today is the day that we are supposed to eat up all the fat, sugar and eggs to prepare for the fasting of the Lenten season. Here’s a (hopefully) humorous look at the seven deadly sins and how they might make their way into today’s celebrations:

lust — Perhaps you lust after your neighbor’s … pancakes … because you think they are better than your own pancakes.

gluttony — Or maybe you just eat too many pancakes.

greed — Or you keep all the pancakes for yourself and don’t share them.

sloth — And then after you eat all the pancakes, you don’t feel like doing anything and just want to lay around and take a nap.

wrath — Maybe someone else ate all the pancakes and you didn’t get any, and now you’re mad because they didn’t share.

envy — You are jealous of your brother’s pancakes because they are rounder than your pancakes.

pride — The pancakes you make are the best and no one else’s compare.

So I’m sure that’s not the literal translation of the Seven Deadly Sins but I hope you enjoyed this humorous look at them. Happy Fat Tuesday!


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