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A fine noon-time blood-letting

Ever had one of those “it’s-a-small-world” moments? My life is full of those, but few are as odd as what happened an hour ago at a Red Cross blood drive at the Columbia Daily Tribune. Co-workers Catherine Martin and Caroline Dohack raced out of the newsroom when the clock struck 11: sandwiches, cookies and other treats, all in exchange for a pint of blood.

I wasn’t far behind, though not racing by any stretch of the imagination.

Donna was the “collection specialist” who checked me in to get the blood-letting process started and when I showed her my ID, she repeated the address: 2013 Bridgewater Drive. She looked at me and announced, “I used to live there.”

Get out! What?

Sure enough, she described the huge living room, the hall leading to three bedrooms, the sliding glass door, the kitchen island — and remembered that the living room has no street- or side-facing windows.

How ’bout that?

(By the way, I had to be stuck in both arms. The right arm finally yielded a rich, red bounty of plasma-, platelet-, DNA-containing sanguine fluid. The spoils? Little slider sandwiches — one roast beef, another ham — a cold can of OJ, a cookie, another cookie, a little bag of cookies, bottle of water — and a T-shirt and an entry form for a chance to win one of six Gibson guitars. Overall, it was a fine blood-letting).


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