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Me and my big head …


Saturday afternoon Kelly and I attended the matinée performance of “To Kill a Mockingbird” at the Lyceum Theatre in Arrow Rock. It was a great show, Delaney Jo Sauer did a remarkable job as Scout, and if you missed Amy Wilder’s preview of “Mockingbird,” please see her story in Sunday’s Tribune. (Amy is the newest member of the Tribune staff and she has the (mis)fortune of sitting near enough my desk to hear the interesting phone calls that tend to come my way).

Kelly and I arrived in plenty of time to find our seats for the Lyceum’s “Mockingbird” debut. Just before the lights dimmed, I overheard the woman behind me tell the man she was with, “I’m sitting right behind Jodie’s big head.”

Big head. Hmmm. The tone wasn’t denigrating – more matter-of-fact – and was one of those situations we all find ourselves in. I wondered if I’d really heard what I heard. Should I glance behind me and say “Hi?” Did she intend to say it loud enough for me to hear? Did we know the people behind us?

It was unlike me, but I was hesitant to look. Besides, maybe I misunderstood, although I am, by trade and by curiosity, a world-class eavesdropper. There was no doubt in my mind she said, “I’m sitting right behind Jodie’s big head.”

At intermission, when the house lights went on, I glanced behind me, but the man and woman were gone. I couldn’t wait to ask Kelly if she’d overhead the same thing.

Yes. She heard the same thing. But, no, she also had no idea who the woman was. Later we wondered if perhaps we should have known them, and that it looked like we were rude for not saying “Hi.” The man and woman took their seats after the lights were dimmed for the second act and they were gone when the lights came back up.

I’ve been wondering in this big head of mine who she was. In the off-chance that any reader has talked to a woman who said, “You know, I saw Jodie Jackson Saturday at the Lyceum Theatre. Sat right behind his big head. And he didn’t even speak to me,” please tell her I’m sorry.


Yesterday, Sept. 10, was the fourth anniversary of the final edition of The Northern  Boone County Bullseye, the weekly newspaper that I owned in Hallsville, Mo. The Bullseye lived almost four years – 202 editions – and I have honestly given it very little thought since shuttering the office the last week of September 2008 and going to work for the Columbia Daily Tribune.

I’m going to spend the next few days reminiscing about The Bullseye and the other newspapers where I have worked.

Stay tuned …

Here’s my final column from the final edition:


From the pages of “My Senior Drear,” the day-by-day account of my senior year at Belle High School:

Friday, Sept. 12, 1980 – Rode bike to Kelly’s before school. (Eds. note: Kelly had a car, a ’73 Impala. I didn’t). Kevin went to Jeff City last night with me. We went to eat at McD’s with my brother and took his cat back with us. Cloudy and mild this morning. Pleasant, lazy Friday weather. Kelly and I are going to Rolla tonight to see a movie.”

First hour (Drama) – Mrs. Ammerman, the ageless substitute, is in for Mrs. Sharp. Assignment: Read pages 3-28, answer questions 4 and 5. Of course, I’m writing this rather than doing the assignment.

Second hour (Ecology) – Mary Hart wrote obscene things about me on the blackboard. I emptied an eraser on her though. Plan to do so again Monday.


Lunch – Hot dogs, mashed refuse, cherry-flavored filth.

(I won’t do this to you every day, but I plan to start providing snippets of the journal I kept throughout all four years of high school).

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