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Brief peak: last week, this week


The week that was: Armstrong lied, Te’o cried, Musial died.

The week to come: Arctic freeze, seed magazines tease, moving a piano on Saturday – help, please!


Give some poetic thought to a summary of your hopes and dreams or, if it’s more short-term like me hoping to finish painting our dining table and chairs, something more urgent. To wit: Paint dries, time flies … wait a minute. There are only two of us. So why do we have six chairs for that table?

You’re free to comment … now.

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It was a great day to build a piano

Origami piano, from Baptist Hymnal, hymn 324, "We Would See Jesus." Saturday's paper-folding experiment. When I asked for origami instruction books for Christmas, I wasn't kidding.

And now for the rest of my 42 new year’s resolutions. (Parentheses mean it’s a repeat from 2011):
#23. Think. Filter. Speak.
#24. Sell 2 freelance articles. (This was No. 17 in 2011. I sold one).
#25. Avoid cliches, but keep thinking outside the box.
#26. Meet and interview a Holocaust survivor. (Related to #4, “Finish my novel ‘Gone’ “).
#27. Have 1,00o Twitter followers by year’s end. (350 to go).
#28. Take Kishia on a date. (30)
#29. Take Natasha on a date. (31)
#30. Take Darnell to a movie. (32)
#31. Give Kelly a monthly date night. Preferably with me, of course.
#32. See a bobcat in the wild. (34)
#33. Call Kishia once a week. With an option for a frequency less than “annoying.”
#34. Call Natasha once a week. See option listed above.
#35. Host a backyard campout for my buddies Bryson and Bryant.
#36. Kiss a duck. (35)
#37. Find and reassemble the nerdy journal I kept for every day of high school. (A work also known as “My Senior Drear.”)
#38. Repair the 18-55mm lens for my Canon Rebel digital camera. (My photo pals tell me that the lens rattling is not a good thing). Also: donations/contributions accepted to help make this resolution successful.
#39. Catch a king snake. Preferably a gentle prairie king snake. Speckled would be nice, too.
#40. Find an arrowhead.
#41. Become a “morning person.” (Don’t hold your breath on this one).
#42. Laugh at myself more than I laugh at others.

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