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Countdown to Kianna!

Announcing ‘Baby Watch’

It’s official: “Baby Watch” is now under way or, as we’ll call it from here on, “Countdown to Kianna.”

Granddaughter Kianna Allene Brown is due in 38 days. If only Kishia’s doctor visit had been two days ago, then it would have been the Top 40 countdown. As a former preacher, I’d could really do a lot with that number 40. Forty days and 40 nights. Forty days of rain. Forty years of munching on manna. Forty days in the wilderness.

Yep, I was once a preacher.

That’s okay.

I’ll wait for you to get up off the floor.

Ready now?

We’re starting the “Countdown to Kianna” at Day 38 as a result of Kishia’s OB/GYN visit today. I got this text: “Doctor appointment was fine. Go back in two weeks.” Yaddi yadda, something about cervix, yaddi yadda, something about head position, ultrasound in two weeks,  and “not overly concerned with my symptoms,” and then this: “but doesn’t think it’s a bad idea to go ahead and pack the bag.”


And then I noticed I was getting all teary-eyed right there at the counter at the Grindstone HyVee Pharmacy. The pharmacy tech asked if I was OK, and I told her I was about to be a grandpa. I sort of sob-spoke it.

“Oh, that’s exciting,” she said, obviously aware that I had just gotten a text. “Is the baby on the way?”

“Yes,” I said, nodding and wiping away the inexplicable tears. “In about five weeks.”

Message #2 to Kianna …

I spent the first 40-plus years of my life missing the blessing of meeting and knowing peoples’ hearts because I had learned they were “icky”: Too fat, too gay, too tattooed, too poor, too not Southern Baptist, too liberal (means the same as “too not Southern Baptist”), too broken from addictions and pain, too uneducated, too off-key – simply too different from me.

It took your Grammy (that’s Mrs. Grandpa) almost all of 30 years to help me put away those labels.

My wish for you is to learn to embrace all the differences you’ll encounter and to appreciate the strengths in everyone, but to not be pulled down by their weaknesses. I heard a very smart man named Zig Ziglar once say that the key to loving everybody is to understand how everybody is superior to us in some way. Kinda deep stuff there, but I know you’ll be raised in such a way that by the time you understand what I just wrote, you’ll already know it.

Little Kianna, I can’t wait to see you! And I can’t wait for you to meet Mrs. Grandpa. She’s awesome. And I’ll let you know now that it’s okay if Mrs. Grandpa is your favorite … ‘cause she’s my favorite, too.

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