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Countdown to Kianna …

Thirty, 29, 28 days from today, Sunday, Jan. 22 — assuming the gestational calculations are correct and that she cooperates with said calculations — Kianna Allene Brown will grace Creation with her smile. The arrival date is Sunday, Feb. 19.

When Kianna’s mom, Kishia, was born on Tuesday, Feb. 26, 1985, we’d been watching the Grammy Awards and timing contractions. (Grammy Awards not to be confused with Grammy — the grandparent monicker Kelly prefers — which is why I think Mrs. Grandpa will be less confusing). The awards show that night was a big coming out solo act for Tina Turner. Her song, “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” was the song of the year. Watch a recording of that performance here.

Ironic name for a song that Tina Turner belted out just before a nurse wheeled Kelly into the delivery room for the big moment to end 20 hours of labor. It’s possible — just possible — that maybe Kelly said some things that made it sound as if I was entirely to blame for her discomfort.

(Note to Darnell: Sometimes a woman in the throes of labor might say threatening things that she normally wouldn’t say at any other time. It might sound as if the continued or future use of specific body parts could be in question. YOUR body parts. Considering that Kishia is A LOT like her mom, you’ll want to keep that in mind. And whatever you do, do NOT say something like, “Baby, if I could, I’d trade places with you right now.” I repeat: Do NOT say that.)

Grandpa’s message to Kianna, #10 …

Mrs. Grandpa and I made sugar cookies today for your baby shower this coming Saturday. You’d be proud of me — I ate only two. Someday we’ll eat sugar cookies together. (Shhh. We probably shouldn’t tell your mom and dad — or Mrs. Grandpa).

Later, after the cookie-baking was complete, Grammy — I mean, Mrs. Grandpa — came into the spare bedroom to interrupt my NFL playoff viewing to announce that she’s decided how to decorate the room for “the grandkids.”

It’s a really good idea, but I’m gonna keep it a secret for now. I’ll let that be something Grammy tells you about. Of course, I’ll have to be sure the new room decor won’t interfere with future football-viewing. In fact, you and I will watch some games together in there, just remember to pretend that you don’t really like football. That will make Mrs. Grandpa very happy. You can tell her that you’re watching it because Grandpa is watching, and that whatever Grandpa watches is really cool because, well, Grandpa is really cool.

Note to Kishia and Darnell: Grammy did say “grandkids,” as in plural, more than one. Just sayin’.

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