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Another ‘lost in song’ moment

Countdown to Kianna: 37, 36, 35 days away …

I promised myself “no more nostalgia” for my next post. I even told Kelly, “I need to lighten up.” After all, I’ve got some serious novel-writing beckoning me, shouting for attention. I need to get busy and introduce you to Cole Davenport, Jamie Light, Edna Mae Ferguson, Noodle Garrison, Ron Koppelmann, and even Hannah Abigail Lincoln (derisively referred to as “Honest Abe” by her intimidated underlings).

Those are just a few of the characters from “Chasing The Devil,” the fiction novel I want to have completely finished by the time Kianna is born. Quick side note: All characters in “Devil” are fictional — even the newspaper reporter, Cole Davenport — but Ron Koppelmann is based on the real Ron Koppelmann, a cop I once spent a lot of time with during my early days as a weekly newspaper reporter. In fact, I got an email today from my old friend Ron, who tells me he’s “honored” to be a character in my first novel.

Instead, I felt like sharing a song, so I went to my “Holy Rollin’ Tunes” file on YouTube and browsed some new entries: “Til the Storm Passes By,” my favorite southern gospel song; “My Redeemer Lives,” the recording of a live performance by Nicole C. Mullin (can’t wait to introduce Kianna to her music), and then Nichole Nordeman’s “I Am.”

What were the chances that I’d run across THIS recording with THESE illustrations?

Grandpa’s message to Kianna, #4:

This is for you, and your mom, and your daddy, Darnell.


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